What Are the Various Types of Slots Games Available for Gambling?

Slots games have been one of the most popular forms of gambling since they were invented in Las Vegas in the early 1950s. Over the years, they have evolved from mechanical to reel and three-reel to video slots. All forms of gambling games are played on a machine that has a certain number of reels, and it is possible that each reel can hold more than one symbol.

Video slots are a popular form of play in casinos today, accounting for over 50% of total slot games like panen777 play worldwide. Many different types of slot games are available for gambling worldwide, including video, reel, and three-reel mechanical slots. Here are different types of slot games mentioned below that you can consider for gambling.

  1. Online Video Slots

Slots games are played in a series of spinning reels containing symbols. One symbol is displayed on each reel simultaneously, and players can win when they land the winning symbol on all of the reels. Each spin is a separate ’round,’ and there are usually different types of bonuses activated when certain symbols are placed on one or more adjacent reels. Typically, these video slots include five reel slots, three reel slots, and twenty-five line slots.

  1. Online Reel Slots

Reel slots are games like panen777 in which the players bet on symbols that appear on the payline, and the symbols must match with symbols on adjacent reels. For example, if there is a “cherry” symbol in one row and a “cherry” symbol on the opposite row, then you must place a “cherry” symbol in between or after the two cherries. Players get paid when they match three or more of their chosen symbols. These video slots include five reel slots, three reel slots, and fifty line slots.

  1. Online Bonus Round Slots

Bonus round slots are similar to regular online video slot games in which the player wagers on the reels; however, a bonus symbol can activate a bonus game that can offer a more lucrative form of play. Typically, these video slots include ten payline machines and twenty-five line machines.

  1. Mechanical Slots

Mechanical slots are a traditional form of slot play in casinos, including three spinning reels with a certain number of pay-lines. These types of games use standard mechanical chips that are placed on small mechanical reels. Three or five reel machines operate with mechanical equipment, and the player only wins when they get the winning combination of symbols in a full cycle. Typically, these types of video slots include one-armed bandits and two-armed bandits.


The above mentioned are the different types of slot games like panen777 that you can consider playing online and in land-based casinos. You can choose from the four types of slots based on your preferences. Each type has its unique qualities with other better features too. So, before gambling in any slot game type, you will grab the proper details for safe and secure results.

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